Chair Covers, Sashes, and More

Our chair covers take any event to the next level. With your choice of  spandex white (ruched or straight), black spandex (ruched or straight), purple sequence chair caps, and white draping for chivalry chairs your possibilities are endless. You can also choose a band or sash to really add a special touch to your event and add even more flair with a bling buckle. You guests will be amazed!

Ruched Spandex Chair Covers (Black, Ivory, or White) - $1.50

Straight Spandex Chair Covers (Black, Ivory, or White) - $1.50

Chivary Chair Draping (White) - $2.50

Bands ( Color of your Choosing) - $.50

Sashes ( Color of your Choosing) - $.50

Bling Buckles - $.50

Pricing :

There is an additional fee for putting on and taking off the chair covers. 

Your Special Event Only Happens Once in a Blue Moon